Moving in a New Direction

I'm just going to cut to the chase - I love selling old books. I don't get a thrill when a glossy* moves off the shelf. I know I should. "A sale is a sale.. " or so I'm told. But it doesn't thrill me.

*Glossy =otherwise known as an easy peezy lemon squeezy book. Glossy dj, bright and crisp. Handy dandy isbn. Shoot. List. Pack.

Doesn't have to be a big sale, I just need to sell the oldies. Makes me feel 'real' somehow. Like a sweet brick and mortar with enchanting quiet and rows of dusty tomes. Rubbed edges and all, minor foxing, no matter. The thrill is there.

Gilt, vintage and faded, yes, I'm one of those oldie goldie souls. Patina, dust and rubbing tell a story, and I do love a good story - I'm a bookseller after all.