RT @superlibrarygrl: Jay Satterfield: curating is "when we load the dice" with teaching materials selection, not when we micro-manage student discovery #spcoll14

RT @genschaffner: amid lots of rhetoric about artifact and materiality of books, Haven delivers a sonnet on the aboutness, paratext of rare books #spcoll14

Grave robbing - a Dartmouth specialty - must satiate the doctorals eh #spcoll14

Jay Satterfield/Dartmouth went culinary !! .. after smallpox.. Love those teaching packages! #spcoll14

Ken Lopez blowing mind with neosphere/human universe - preach brother ! #spcoll14

When Sarah Thomas wrestled the remote from the Queen and read her great grannies diaries #spcoll14

Transiting from collieresque overprotection to open access - via Sarah Thomas #spcoll14

More product less process mo betta #spcoll14

More product less process mo betta #spcoll14:

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Meditations on special coll. basements as Siberia #spcoll14