Comfort first, books second.

Out and about crossing school supplies off of an endless list. This and the crick in
my neck got me to thinking:

What supplies/tools are a must for you booksellers, home-office dwellers, desk-set uponers.?

Making the work environment pleasant and comfortable is important, so a favorite
mug or a radio might be a good start.. but more pressing for me today:

Physical comfort (think: ergonomic mice.. do I sound 80?)


Organization/utility of space

I just bought a comfort gel wrist support mousepad from ebay,
for the last month I've been resting my little wristbones on 'An Introduction to Greek'.
A sad commentary on my priorities, I realize..

A Starbucks handle bag propped up for easy sticker/schnitzel/booklint tossing.

An index card box for passwords and tips, codes and notes that I want handy.

In the next week I would like a cup FULL of sharpened pencils and new, smooth
pens, (see how easy I am to please?) and my favorite Mars Staetler white eraser
in MULTIPLES (sicpress.com here I come Joyce)