Kindle/ipad battle? Um.. no.

Lately I've been hearing more and more 'Kindle is the reason for the slow booksales season' .. and quite frankly it makes me want to yell. Or at least shake my head in a disapproving fashion. Bit of eye roll and all.

If you've a brick and mortar store, then yes, kindle is stomping on your popular fiction toes, but why an educated, in-the-biz online bookseller would consider kindle the reason for lackluster sales is .. a bit sad.

Change your model, change your mindset, change your inventory. Read, research and analyze this business for the short and long haul, then do whatever necessary to ensure your growth and relevance in the industry.


Death and taxes, eh? If Suffering looms with certainty, does Bliss promise itself as dutifully? One can hope. The nature of life and death shall have to wait, as of now it's taxes on the forefront of this mortal's mind.

I recently heard a wise and well-known woman teach that we should be thankful for our bills, yes we should actually see them as blessings, for they are (symbolically) a sign that we can be trusted by the universe to remit payment. Hmm.. I kinda like this. Come, forces of social governing, and tax me as I smile!!

The jury is still out on the equations:
Starbucks = lunch
Costco Kettle Corn popcorn = office supplies.

Next stop, Bliss.