ZenHabits: Ode to Joy as an anthem for clarity

My 12 yr old daughter is singing Ode To Joy in falsetto.

autumn wheat books
As a bookseller, homeschooling mom and information junkie, and like most parents, there's always something to study, observe, notate, doodle, plan, type, research or put on the "To Do" list. To Do bureau. To Do room.

Piles and stacks, ordered as they may be, keep my furniture from floating away and my mind from being bored, but today I begin here. I happened upon a clarifying spot on the web, ZenHabits, and it nudged me, as a good self-help book or intense dream/to-do list will, to just begin.

and so I shall.

Come join the conversation in my head as I pilot the waters of clarity, organization, growth and, indeed, bookselling. More on the career later. For now, check out ZenHabits for yourself. I'll be in the front yard, singing Ode To Joy.

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