My First/First, Fine in a Fine dj copy of (Precious) Push by Sapphire is headed to ebay this afternoon ahead of the Oscars. Abused beyond belief, she is coming back from her first 'survivors' meeting and headed for coffee..
"I have never been 'out for coffee' before. Rita put her arm around my shoulder, I order a hot chocolate 'cause that's what I like. Blond girl who is airline stewardess say, "Precious! That's a beautiful name." I'm alive inside. A bird is my heart. Mama and Daddy is not win. I'm winning. I'm drinking hot chocolate in the Village wif girls - all kind who love me. How that is so I don't know. How Mama and Daddy know me sixteen years and hate me, how a stranger meet me and love me. Must be what they already had in their pocket."-------------

Extraordinary stuff. I await Sapphire's future work.

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