fifty: being ten more than forty

An ongoing series that will, from start to finish, detail the process, discovery and placement of fifty unique and previously unexplored items of ephemera. Last week in California, we acquired a fun little pile of paper. I randomly chose fifty or so pieces and construed a plan to review, research and find homes for them - documenting the process and sharing the outcome for each.

The journey starts this week, here's three images followed by the list of the Fifty.

  • Almanac for Thirty Niners, San Francisco. 
  • Federal Writers Project. 1938.
  • Fabulous Finocchio’s, San Francisco. c 1960’s
  • Jack & Mary’s Jello Recipe Book, 1937.
  • Rigby’s Reliable Candy Teacher, c 1920s.
  • Concord and Lexington, Photographic Views: Historic, LIterary and Military. 1925.
  • (6) Yosemite Photographic Cards, Singer Sewing Machine Promo
  • ‘The Tip Top’, College Elementary School Primary Dept, Santa Barbara, with student. Eloise Fillmore’s petty cash banking deposits for orders such as costume, ice cream.. (c. 1928)
  • Some Important Factors in the Production of Good Milk and Cream. Dept of Ag, State of California. 1920.
  • ‘Courtesy’, The Senator Theatre, Sacramento.
  • Everything for Basket Making, Louis Stoughton Drake, Inc. Boston. 1899.
  • Burbank’s 1918 (Burbank’s Experimental Farms) Fruits, Flowers and Various Economic Plants. Santa Rosa.
  • Morse’s Bulbs. Fall 1926. CC. Morse & Co., Seed Growers. San Francisco.
  • Catalog and Culture, 1936. Vetterle & Reinelt, Hybridizing Gardens.
  • N.E.A.  Illustrated Ribbon, Reception at Sacramento 1892.
  • A Christmas Chime of Mission Bells. Toyon and Yerba Buena. San Francisco.
  • Sperry, Baxter. Mexican Land Grants, Sacramento County. San Juan de los Moquelumnes. The Laurel Hill Press.
  • Recollections of Old Times in California or California Life in 1843 by William Henry Thomes. Friends of the Bancroft Library.
  • Operations of Bulolo Gold Dredging Ltd., University of Melbourne (Chemical Engineering and Mining Review), 1950.
  • The C.O.C. 1893-1928. A History by Harry S. Swarch, San Francisco. 1929.
  • Kaweah Remembered, Story of the Kaweah Colony. William Tweed. 1986.
  • Some Experiments of Luther Burbank by President David Starr Jordan (Leland Stanford Junior University, reprinted from Popular Science Monthly, 1905)
  • Official Handbook of Field Archery, 1949 Edition, with three typewritten letters between Exec. Board and National Field Archery Association, etc.
  • No.8 Catalog. Modern Equipment for Beauty Salons, Donnelly Manufacturing Co. Ravena, Ohio. Sample chips of leatherette color choices, etc. 1932.
  • Beautiful California, Souvenir Folder. Chromolithographed postcards.
  • Victorian Menu, Germany. 1900.
  • Wass-hael Program, list of Pipers, Musicians, etc. 1914.
  • Duxbak Corp., Utica, New York. Hunting Fishing Outing. E.W. Edwards & Sons, Syracuse, NY.
  • The Friday Club of Fresno., 1935-6 program of events.
  • J. & P. Coats Leaflets. Crochet Patters for Six Cord Crochet Cotton and Six Strand Floss. Spool Cotton Co., New York. 1910-1920
  • Booklet of Don’ts. Allen Commandery Special. Pilgrimage to San Francisco, 1904.
  • Mounted Victorian Era photograph.
  • Trade card, R.L. Parker Drugs, Stationery, Notions. Four charming owls.
  • Dainty Economies, Custocreme Leaflet.
  • Dainty Things for Luncheon, Northwestern Yeast Co., Chicago.
  • Paris et Versailles Vues, Levy. 1880. Lithograph.
  • Victorian Era Photographs, Yosemite.
  • The New Deen Loom, Catalogue and Price List, 1908. Harlan, Iowa.
  • Instructions for Using Lamb’s Family Knitting Machine. 1868. Chicopee Falls, MA.
  • Eureka No. 1 Fly Shuttle Iron Loom. 1908. The Eureka Weaver’s Supply Works, Springfield, OH.
  • Historic Trees of California. A Keepsake in Thirteen Parts, Book Club of California. 2003.
  • VIctorian Trade Card, New England Grocery, Holiday Fruits and Confectionary.
  • Burlington Route Time Tables (Ft Worth-Denver City) 1942.
  • Burlington Route: “From Wagon Wheel to Stainless Steel”, c 1940
  • Southern Pacific: Maps and Description, Sunset Route (New Orleans-LA) 50s
  • Route of the Rockets, Rock Island Timetables, 1943.
  • Missouri Pacific Railroad Co., Route of the Eagles. Itin, cash fare reciept booklets. 1964.
  • Ansel Adams Pictorial Portfolio: Purple Mountains Majesty, American Savings and Loan Assoc.
  • Hope’s Cottage Window Poster, blue draftsman style.
  • Illustrated Catalogue and Price List, Copper Weather Vanes and Finials. J.W. Fiske. Park Place, NY. 1875.
  • The Album of Dublin and Wicklow Views, c 1900.

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