Wellesley College Small Press Beauty - Female President

A lush, elegant, decadent hand-feel jewel, from a prominent female leader:

[WOMEN-LITERATURE] Caroline Hazard . The Illuminators. Campden, Gloucestershire : Essex Press , 1905. Limited Edition. The Illuminators By Caroline Hazard, MA LITT.D. LL.D. A Poem Read at the installation of the Eta chapter of the Phi Beta Kappa society at Wellesley College January 17, 1905. Privately printed 129/15. String tied in original letterpressed wraps, three color print with pictorial devices, uncut handmade paper, lovely punch to wraps. One small spot to interior, otherwise fine. Near fine. Wraps.

Caroline Hazard was the first Wellesley president to have a formal inauguration. Hazard, who held no formal college degree, was responsible for putting the College back on a sound financial footing. Hazard hired the noted landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr., to help develop the Wellesley College grounds. Under Hazards' aegis, and sometimes with her personal financial support, a number of buildings were constructed: the Observatory and Observatory House, the dormitories of the Hazard Quadrangle, and the Library. They carry her symbol, the scallop shell. She retired in 1910, but continued as a Wellesley College trustee until 1927. She died in 1945.


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